5 Exciting Ways Telemedicine Can Improve Patient Health

Telemedicine has come a long way since its inception and is evolving at a rapid rate. It was initially designed to extend quality healthcare in remote areas or to people who did not have access to quality healthcare. However, due to its various benefits, telemedicine is trending and being integrated with routine healthcare services.

This blog will identify 5 ways telemedicine can improve patient health.

Accessing Patient History

When practitioners need to assess or diagnose a condition, one of the first things they need is the history of the patient. If the records are unavailable, it can result in a poor diagnosis of the condition, which can be tackled with telemedicine, as it maintains digital records of patients’ history that can be easily shared between institutions without a delay or hassle. Often, medical practitioners need to determine the medications prescribed to the patient, as specific symptoms can be side effects of prescription medicines.

Global Access to Healthcare

When people become familiar with a doctor, they prefer to see the same practitioner, also known as a family doctor. Developing trust and familiarity takes time and once a patient becomes acquainted with a doctor; he/she would always prefer the same doctor. Now, what happens if the doctor is on vacation and you cannot consult him/her anymore?

Thanks to telemedicine’s integration ability into existing practice, patients and doctors can communicate with the help of the internet, smartphones, and laptops.

Managing Medications and Dosages

For doctors treating chronic patients, it is imperative to keep a routine check on how they respond to the medications and adjust the dosages accordingly. Telemedicine helps in maintaining a digital record of the test results, which can be used to readjust future medication dosages. It allows practitioners to monitor the health of their patients efficiently.

Helping Disabled and the Elderly

People who are disabled or the senior citizens with physical challenges can significantly benefit from telemedicine, as it allows accessing quality healthcare from the comfort of their home. Patients can consult doctors and receive prescriptions without leaving their house. For people with physical disabilities and the elderly, this is huge advantage.

Access to Healthcare information

Telemedicine makes it possible for patients to find answers to common queries, which can greatly reduce health risks for people who cannot access healthcare facilities immediately. The patient can simply enter his/her symptoms and get in touch with a medical professional.


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