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5 Surprising Ways Cardio Boosts Your Physical Health

Many people are motivated to hit the gym for a good cardiovascular health, muscle growth, and gorgeous looking body. But working out also has extraordinary benefits. For the past century, researchers have been insisting on the fact that apart from a sexy body, exercise also helps in improving your mental and physical health.

Here are 5 surprising ways Cardio helps improve your mental health, relationships, and overall lifestyle.

1. Overcome stress

Had a bad day at work? Just had a heated argument with your partner? Go out for a walk or head over to the gym for a quick workout session.

Cardio releases “the feel-good hormone” also called, Oxytocin, which improves your mood and makes you feel good. Exercise also releases norepinephrine, another chemical that reduces stress from your body.

So break some sweat when you’re upset. It will effectively reduce stress and help you make better decisions.

2. Release Happy Chemicals

As mentioned above, running a few miles might sound tough, but the release of endorphins will encourage feelings of happiness and euphoria.

Research shows that exercise relatively help the clinically depressed patients to feel better over the time. This is one reason most doctors now, recommend patients to spend plenty of time in the gym.

3. Boosts self-confidence

Exercise not only look good but feel good too. At the most primary level, cardio boosts your self-confidence and urges you to develop a positive image of yourself.

Irrespective of your age, color, weight or sexual orientation, exercising improves a person’s perception of themselves.

Exercising shouldn’t be specifically about losing weight. Head over to the gym to feel good about yourself.

4. Eliminates Addiction

The brain releases dopamine in response to pleasure, like; sex, drugs, or alcohol. Many people become addicted to dopamine and its intensity.

Exercise, however, is a great source to recover from any kind of addiction. It keeps you busy and releases other “feel good” hormones that substitute the need for drugs or alcohol.

5. Prevent memory loss

it’s sad, but it’s true. As we get older, our brain becomes weak. Although cardio can’t treat diseases like Alzheimer’s, it can still slow down the damage. Thanks to telemedicine, you can contact your healthcare provider from the comfort of your home for more advice on how to maintain good mental health.

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