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Breast Cancer Screening in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles Clinics- Get a Check-Up to Arrest Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer predominant in females. The causes of breast cancer can be because of lifestyle habits like excessive alcohol intake or genetics. The breast tissue thickens or you may find a lump in the breast. These are the common symptoms of breast cancer that a woman notices in the beginning. Doctors advise women to go in for regular tests so that the early signs of breast cancer can be identified quickly and subsequently treated.

Breast Cancer Screening in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles- consult specialists to identify symptoms

Specialists from credible breast cancer screening in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles clinics state the symptoms of breast cancer are as follows:

  1. You will notice a part of the breast swells up even though there are no signs of a lump
  2. You will experience irritation in the breast and the skin looks like the peel of an orange fruit
  3. You will experience pain in the breast or nipple
  4. You will notice a discharge from the nipple that is different from breast milk
  5. You will notice a condition called nipple retraction- the nipple turns inwards.

Tests and treatment to determine the stage of breast cancer in women

Experts from reliable clinics say if early signs of breast cancer are detected, you should not panic. Breast cancer can be effectively treated medically. You need a diagnosis in the lab with tests. Imaging is needed to determine the condition of the cancer and its stage. Doctors treat breast cancer with hormone therapy, radiation, chemotherapy or surgery.

Pain in the breast and what does it feel like?

If a woman has breast cancer, the levels of pain differs as per the condition of the cancer and stage. Some women feel a pain that is soft and tender in the part of the breast where the tumor or lump is located. Others report that their breasts feel hard and the pain can be quite intense at times. Experts say that in most cases if a woman does not feel pain, the lump in the region has a high chance to be cancerous in nature. Again, most women are of the misconception that breast cancer will always show up as a lump. There can be other symptoms of breast cancer like changes in the color of the skin, irritation, fatigue etc. A breast cancer screening will help medical experts determine whether you have been afflicted with breast cancer or not.

Experts from reliable breast cancer screening in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles clinic say if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer do not panic. Immediately visit an oncologist and get your medical tests done. The stage and the condition of the cancer can be treated by a qualified doctor in the field. The doctor might ask you to make certain lifestyle changes and put you on a breast cancer diet plan. Tests and imaging will be conducted so that you get a customized treatment plan as soon as possible!


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