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Dangers of Obesity for Your Child

Nowadays child obesity is common among most of the children. If this is not checked in the early days, then it may cause many health problems, self esteem problems, depression and many other issues like this in later life. So it is important to identify the symptoms of childhood obesity at its earliest.

Childhood Obesity Signs

First of all, you must understand the differentiation between extra weight and obesity. Some children have large body frames and have extra weight due to the weight of their bones. They develop body fat at different stages of life due to different reasons. But obesity may not be one of them. So it’s best to take your child to a specialist and get them checked by a doctor.

Doctor’s clinic is the ideal place to know the correct proportion of your child’s height and weight. He/she will calculate the Body Mass Index (BMI) of your baby, and will give you the final result whether your ward is obese or not.

Difficulties Due To Childhood Obesity

The child who is affected by obesity may suffer from physical and emotional difficulties. Other than this, some of the other risks involved are:

High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Level

Obesity can cause high cholesterol point in his/her blood. This will obstruct the smooth blood flow in their vessel leading to high blood pressure. As a result of this, the heart has to beat faster to pump blood throughout the body. High cholesterol and Blood pressure level may also lead to the risk of heart attack of your ward, after they attain adulthood.


Obesity is one of the main reasons for high blood sugar level in a body. It unable the body to produce sugar efficiently, leading to type 1 or type 2 Diabetes.

Breathing Problems

Most of the children with obesity have breathing problems like Asthma.

Liver Diseases

In obesity, fat accumulates in the liver of your child, thus causing irreversible damage to one of the major organ of their body.

Other than the above problems, childhood obesity can also cause anxiety in kids. Due to this, they will retrieve themselves from all the social activities which will lead to depression. Depression creates a sense of hopelessness in their brain which will tremendously affect their mental health.

So it’s always best to visit a Pediatrician beforehand who will evaluate your child’s BMI, food habits, activities, and your family history to determine the correct weight of your child. Also if he/ she is overweight, the doctor will create a customized diet plan which will help to shed some extra pounds of your kid.


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