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Hearing Practices for People with Hearing Impairment

Life is very hard for people who cannot hear or have partial hearing problems. Survey shows that one in thousand children is born with a hearing problem condition. Ninety percent of them are born to parents who are completely normal. So it’s always better to diagnose this problem ASAP. This will lessen the damage. But there are several modern hearinAg techniques which can be applied to help them understand the hearing process. These methods are:

Oral Method

Hearing and speech skills are taught in this system without the inclusion of any sign language.

Sign Language

This is the traditional method of hearing technique. Here students learn through the words printed on the paper.


Here both the first and second method is included to overcome the hearing problem. To communicate properly with them you had to grab their attention first. Just talk naturally and slowly and don’t overdo your facial expressions.

Home Schooling

Children with hearing disabilities can learn a lot in their home also. Thus the house and his/her parents should always be supportive towards them. If they ask any question several times, have the patience to answer them as many times as they ask.

Schooling with other normal children

This technique is ideal for those kids who can hear from moderate to mild. They will learn, observe and speak along with other normal children which will increase their confidence level.

Different Classrooms

Their classrooms should be designed in such a way that there should be proper light, minimum noise and maximum sound production.


There is a little chance even after applying all the methods; your child will make little progress. So it’s very important to make daily notice about which method is working best on the kid and which one needs to be replaced.

Schools For the deaf

If your child is unable to study along with normal children, then you need to put them in schools for the deaf. There they will not only get proper education, but will learn many new ways to embrace life in a different way.


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