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Importance of Stereo Microscope in Hair Transplant

Minute dismemberment is the thing that that chooses the achievement of the hair transplant methodology and develop the system pertinence and their adequacy in the light of getting the best accurate consequence of the implantation strategy.

As we as a whole realize that the system of hair transplant is a strategy for moving of hair roots from the contributor area onto the beneficiary uncovered part through the procedure of extraction of hair roots/join either by the FUT hair transplant or the FUE hair transplant and later implantation of the same onto the accepting bare zone. This procedure of moving and later implantation experiences a center advance of the analyzation named as the hair roots dismemberment step that must take after by the higher amplifications of magnifying instruments keeping in mind the end goal to gather the most practical number of unions to satisfy the coveted number that meets the criteria of a stylish hair transplant methodology result. Be that as it may, the utilization of higher amplification of magnifying lens in the analyzation procedure assumes a significant part that decides the achievement of the method on the loose.

The presumed and perceived Facilities or Focal point of the hair transplant system dependably centers around utilizing the propelled method and innovation that aides in the age of the best yield.

These days, after the globalization that fabricated a headway in instruments, innovation, and hardware to make the surgical strategy a less demanding one and furthermore helps in accomplishing the coveted outcomes that anybody wish for, the minuscule analyzation fathoms the intricacies of extricated unites that are in the bundles or fittings with an arbitrary number of hair follicles and thusly, the Specialist dismembers them painstakingly before their position onto the assigned opened zones on the beneficiary bare zones. It is required that the unions ought to be dismembered painstakingly with the perspective of gathering various unites by staying away from the harm rate and additionally drying up. The experts put the analyzed joins in the saline water until the progression of position with the goal that the unite ought to get spared from the parching and satisfy the need of the hair transplant method.

How does the Stereo-magnifying instrument functions and help in Result age in the Hair Transplant Strategy

  • Amid Strip/FUT hair gather, the perceived Facilities utilize a 4X amplification which diminishes the join exchange rate under 3-5%
  • Amid dismemberment and unite division must utilize 20X amplifications to diminish hair shaft harms and hair transection to give most extreme yield or re-development rate
  • Amid implantation of the join, the Facility or Center should utilize 4X amplification of Crizal circle lense
  • At presumed focuses of hair rebuilding, we can get over 95% hair re-development rate, i.e. in the event that they plant 100 hairs significance there regrowth number will be 95 positively
  • With the utilization of higher amplifications of German magnifying instruments, one can stay away from the unite harm rate up to 99% and bolster the stylish hair transplant worry with having a more prominent number of hair follicles.

For what reason Do We Need Microscopes to Reduce the Damage Rate?

During the time spent hair transplantation, Specialists just encourages the moving of hair root starting with one area then onto the next for which one should be more exact at each progression of the method keeping in mind the end goal to safeguard every individual shaft in light of the fact that a harm of unite prompts twofold misfortune, which means the contributor territory has restricted supply of unions and for the situation with a high-thickness or expected thickness, there is need of various unions to accomplish the stylish objective of the technique. In this way, it is essential to protect each and every unite to accomplish the common results of the method.

The Benefits of utilizing the higher amplification of Magnifying instruments in Hair Transplant is scribbled down beneath

  • It enables the Specialists to see the join all the more unequivocally with the goal that they can stay away from the harm rate amid the analyzation procedure
  • It encourages the choice to see the unite in an exceptionally greater size that reaches between 20X-200X, which helps in gathering the best number unions for the implantation.
  • The utilization of magnifying instruments is important to boost unite survival by limiting the danger of transection of unions while the dismemberment procedure in the hair transplants.


Overall, we can state that it is important to utilize the higher amplification of magnifying lens in the hair transplant strategy so we can accomplish the objective of the rebuilding technique with a most extreme number of the reasonable joins by decreasing the danger of harms amid the dismemberment advance of the methodology.


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