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Is Plastic Surgery Risky- Get a Detailed Answer from Alton Ingram MD

If cosmetic surgery is also categorized as surgery, then why should it not have any risk? You need to understand that these surgeons are dealing with face or other parts of human body rectifying which is no less than any operation. If there is any mistake in the surgical process, it can lead to unattractive results like scarring, and the entire appearance of the patient might turn out to be pathetic. Apart from the general risks, there are some unique risks associated as well.

In most of the cases, the cosmetic surgeries turn out to be challenging than the standard surgeries, if the patient is not ready to tolerate the pain and extensive care needs to be taken. Alton Ingram MD says that patients cannot even imagine that cosmetic surgeries also need ICU and extensive resources to keep the patient’s safe post operation. They also have to be under constant medication, and the drugs that are generally provided are at times of dosage higher than the ones given during conventional surgeries.

A Comprehensive List of Risks Associated With Plastic Surgery: Alton Ingram MD

  • Negative Outcome – This has always been the greatest fear of all patients who planned to go under a cosmetic surgery even for once in life. If the result doesn’t improve appearance, that’s one thing, but if it makes the entire scenario worse than what it was, the rest of the life can be pathetic and catastrophic in all sense.
  • Scarring – This is the most common fear that patients have while undergoing knife and scissors. However, experts suggest that this is a controlled risk since it lies completely in the expertise of the surgeon who is doing it. Also, simple lifestyle changes like no smoking or having the right diet can also prevent the scarring which starts coming after some time of the operation.
  • Sensory Nerve Damage – At times, it has been seen that while going the surgical procedure, some of the sensory nerves in your face is damaged. The outcomes don’t seem to be serious, but in reality is. The patient can completely be incapable of giving facial expressions or have partial paralysis.
  • Hematoma – In scientific terms, the hematoma is nothing but a collection of blood outside the blood vessels. It can develop after any surgery, and cosmetic surgery is no exception. The swollen bruised appearance with a blood clot beneath can change the entire appearance of your face and put you under tremendous pain under any circumstances. Generally, when such situations arrive, the surgeons use a syringe to remove the entire blood.

Like any surgery, there will be some states of preventive measures which might not help to avoid the risk factors completely, but reduce it to some extent. Choosing the experts like Alton Ingram MD is always a great option, but apart from it, some common lifestyle changes can always bring the situation in favor of the patients. Maintain a healthy life as patients do after any other surgery, and you can heal much sooner than others.


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