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John Clemenza Explains The Benefits of Surfing in Detail

In the recent times, people surf all over the world wherever there is an ocean and wave. New York has vast coastline, with many surf beaches. Surfers enjoy the physical benefits of surfing and paddling, being in the fresh air, as well as the general benefits of surfing.

Surfing is one of the most appealing forms of water sport present. The act of travelling the face of a wave may look easy to strangers, but as a matter of fact it takes lots of time and effort to learn the skills required to be able to surf well. Surfing is an amusing and challenging activity that connects both the body and mind. Surfing can help cardio, toughen the upper and lower body, and develop core potency as well as flexibility. With quite a few surf beaches that are accessible by public transportation, a few decent surf shops and a burgeoning surfer culture that’s gaining steam, there’s really no reason why a New Yorker shouldn’t get stoked about riding some swells.

John Clemenza has several years of knowledge in surfing. Surfing has been his passion for around eleven years. Ever since his parents introduced him to the sport, he has been working towards having a professional career in surfing. When he is not working at a smoothie shack or busy with the training, he prefers trying out new restaurants located close to Waikiki Beach with his team. He also likes surfing the internet, reading about his dream destination which is NY City.

John says that New York City is often considered as the place full of concrete, skyscrapers and traffic-clogged streets and it may not be the first place that comes to mind of individuals if you are planning of going for surfing. But as per surf enthusiasts like John, the city is actually a great spot for novices and experienced surfers at the same time. It is important to keep in mind that surfing in New York is not the same as Southern California. John talks about the benefits of surfing:

  • Back and shoulder strength: These muscles usually strengthen from paddling
  • Cardiovascular fitness: This can also be gained from paddling

Leg and core strength: While surfing, it becomes important to stand up on the board and this helps in making the legs strong and enhances the core strength.

Apart from this, surfing offers a range of other benefits as well such as it is a great way to spend time outdoors and take pleasure in the natural environment and is a good option to reduce stress and tension.

John Clemenza says as surfing involves the ocean, it is important be a good swimmer and always be conscious of the safety features of being in the surf. If you are not sure about an appropriate surfing spot or if you have queries about surfing, you can ask John about the same.


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