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Ways to Get Rid Of Your Back Pain Today

Nowadays back pain is the most common problem among every age group people. Most of them have been spending lots of money to cure this disease but the problem is it keeps coming back. Here in this article I am going to suggest some natural remedies and ways through which you can get rid of all your back problems in a second.


The first step you can do is stretching. Hold each position of stretching for 5 to 8 seconds and go for the next one. Some of the famous stretching moves are:

  1. Use an exercise ball and lie down on it. While lying down try to move your shoulders slowly.
  2. Get on all your fours and stretch your one arm and the opposite leg and rest. Again repeat the process with the other arm and leg. For example, if you put your right arm, then you will stretch your left leg backwards.
  3. Lie down and pull your one leg up to your chest, then rest. Do it with your other leg also.
  4. Try to practice 10 sets of sits ups everyday. It will firm your abs and back muscles.
  5. Lie down with your face down and try to do a superman position. Try to lifet up your legs and torso and hold it down for some seconds.
  6. You can also do the reverse fly workout. Lean to a position of 90 degree and take some weights. Now try to raise your hands from that position.
  7. Lie down with your face upwards and try to raise your back with your feet touching the ground.

Eating and Lifestyle Habits

Lots of people are addicted to junk foods and alcohol. Due to this, obesity increases and people get attached to back problems. So some of the healthy eating and lifestyle habits are:

  1. Avoid sugar and carbonated water.
  2. Intake of vitamin B 12 and magnesium enrich food.
  3. Drink lots and lots of water.
  4. Also consume calcium rich food and increase the level of calcium in your body.

Posture of Sitting & Standing

Sitting and standing postures can also influence the back of your body. Here are few suggestions of postures through which you can maintain your backbone:

  1. Bend down your knees to touch your toes.
  2. Always try to walk. Walking will not only loose all your weight but will also help in the correct posture.
  3. If you are sitting for a longer period somewhere, adjust yourself from time to time to your left or to your right. Also use a cushion or a pillow for your lower back.
  4. While standing always keep your shoulders back and body straight to the ground.
  5. If you are sitting always push your tummy in and your shoulders back.

If you are working on a computer for a long period, try to put it above your eye level. This will decrease the pressure on your neck.


Hello! My name is June Millar and I am a researcher and teacher of science. I have a passion for wellness and always like to help other people to achieve their health targets by detoxifying their body. My objective is to inspire millions of people to lead a healthy life.

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