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What Is Science Laboratory Equipment?

In every science laboratory, you’ll find some basic equipment which will be used in day to day experimentation. This equipment helps in carrying out various tasks including measuring and other important procedures and hence they play a crucial role in experimentation. They are also pivotal in the following aspect that, their accuracy is very important in deducing various conclusions in a science laboratory. Following are a few types of scientific laboratory equipment which are used for various purposes.

  • Beakers: Beakers are one of the most common components in a science laboratory. They act as a container for mixing or heating various components. They come in different sizes and depending upon the need, different beakers are used. They also come in various shapes where some specific beakers are used only in some special cases as when the shape of the beaker becomes crucial to carry out an experiment.
  • The test tube is small glass tubes of which one end is closed and the other end is open. These test tubes are used for holding small samples of the chemicals and their mixtures. They are also used in heating various chemicals.
  • Watch glasses are generally concave or convex in shape and they are used in holding a small amount of liquid. They are used for various purposes, for example, watch glass is used in evaporating substances. Watch glasses often act as a lid for the beakers from time to time.
  • Droppers are used to pour a small amount of liquid or to squeeze out some amount of liquid. They are a narrow tube with tips at one end and a rubber bulb on the other end. Droppers are used extensively in chemical laboratories.
  • Funnels come in various sizes. These are made from plastic though glass funnels are also not uncommon. They have a short or a long stem. The length of the stem is defined by on what purpose the funnel is used for. In some cases, funnels with a short stem are used and in some other cases, funnels with the long stem are used.
  • Graduated cylinders are used to measure the volume of a liquid. There are various markings on the graduated cylinder. These markings follow an incremental pattern and thus, just watching the marking, it can be said about how much volume of the liquid is in that graduated cylinder.
  • Spatula: If you are testing with solid chemicals, then at one point or the other time, you need to scoop out a portion of the solid chemical. In order to scoop out a portion of the chemical, the Spatula is used.
  • Bunsen burner is an apparatus which is used in the scientific laboratory in order to heat objects. They are connected to inflammable sources by which they could work as a heating source for various chemicals. It is required to take utmost precaution when you are dealing with Bunsen burner.
  • A laboratory thermometer is used to take the temperature of the liquid. There are different types of thermometers used in scientific laboratories. Some are made up of glass and some other are made up thermocouples.


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