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What Is Urgent Care?

Urgent Care is a medical facility which provides treatment to those who requires immediate medical attention. Generally within 24 hour of the accident, you need medical facilities to take care of the injury or else you may become sick.

Urgent care may be present on the same ground of the hospital, but they are not attached to it. Most of the times, patients who visit urgent care have a regular physician. But when the problem arrives, the physician is either out of town or don’t have an appointment for them. If the patient is not so serious to issue a trip to the emergency room, they visit this cares.

The concept of medical urgent care clinics began in 1970s. Health Insurance companies recommend their clients to use this walk in clinics anytime because of the reduced costs. They could also treat their problems before reaching the emergency services of the hospitals.

The best example for it is, suppose you have a cough and cold. If you can treat it within 24 hours with antibiotics, it will be cured easily. But neglected, it may lead to breathing problems or even Pneumonia. As a result of this, you have to spend a long time in a hospital bed waiting to be cured.

The mode of operand for this type of clinics is on a First Come First Serve basis. So if it is a bit crowded, you have to be patient and wait for your turn. Some departments require an appointment. But they guarantee you to treat your problems within a day.

They will examine you, make some test and see the results. If it is not treatable by them, they will send your case to the nearest hospital. Different types of medical testing like USG, X-ray, Blood tests can also be done in those cares.

After you have visited an urgent care, they will suggest you to follow up a visit with your regular doctor if the condition worsens.

I hope I am able to give you a fair idea about what an urgent care is. So don’t wait for the disease to spread in your body and weaken you. Visit your nearest urgent care now!


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