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What the VSD is All About

In the case of VSD you are likely to face a heart murmur. This could be the only sign as far as a heart defect is concerned. This is present in most children at the time of birth which may or may not be noticeable. Even till the baby reaches somewhere between 6 to 8 weeks you are not going to hear the murmur. The kids who are suffering from VSD are not going to be having any heart related symptoms as well. In case of babies who have large VSD, the chances of heart failure could occur as well. All the symptoms along with signs are found in the first couple of months in the life of a baby. But the best part is that most of them do occur during the tenure of infancy. It is suggested that you go on to avail the services of the best doctor for VSD treatment in India. They have hands on experience in dealing with complex cases. The success ratio is high with minimum chances of complication.

The Treatment Protocols

In most case the doctor would like to observe babies who are suffering from VSD. They are not going to face any major symptoms of heart failure to be honest. It would mean regular check-ups and figuring out whether the hole does go on to close on its own. It has been found out that most of the VSD does go on to close on its own once the kid reaches the preschool stage. The doctor of the child is going to guide you about the frequency where the baby needs to be checked. As far as the check-ups are concerned it could range from weeks to years. Sometimes the doctor is confronted with the difficult choice and for them the surgery would be the only option if

  • The hole does become large and is prone to constant symptoms
  • If the size is medium sized and is leading to an enlargement of the heart chambers.
  • It does go on to have an impact on the aortic valve

There are some infants who do not grow and have weight in a manner that they should have. It has been found that these infants do suffer from

  • If the baby happens to be a premature one
  • If the size of the VSD does appear to be large
  • You do become tired when you are easily feeding.

Doctors are of the opinion that extra nutrition or special feeding needs to be provided to these kids. It has been found out that supplements of breast milk would go on to provide added benefits to these babies. You might come across in certain cases tube feeding could be called for. Here food is given through a small tube that is being placed in the nose and then on to the stomach. It could add or take the place of bottle feeding as well. Be aware that it works out to be a temporary form of treatment.


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